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BlackNSA Million Dollar ‘2021 Mastermind.

Focus on Creating Proven Success Habits to Up-level Your Speaker Income in 10-Weeks.

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Ready to Take Your Income to the

Next Level and Beyond?

This is not a speaker course or a motivational course.

It's for Professional Speakers who are Big Thinkers and Action Takers and desire MORE impact!

Wondering if this Mastermind is Ideal for You?




Are you...

  • Ready for a stronger and more consistent path to high income producing activities, which means staying accountable as you mastermind with other equally ambitious speakers like you?
  • In need of a repeatable system for creating wealth?
  • In awe of Think & Grow Rich, eager to enjoy this experience with fellow speakers? Bonus: We have a professional speaker, who happens to be in the book - and serves as our expert facilitator
  • Desire support for reaching challenging (but important)goals?
  • Prepared for accountability to make sure you keep the goals you do make?
  • Craving a "mastermind" experience with folks that get what you do?



If you answered YES and have one or more of these needs, our Mastermind is your next step.

The BlackNSA Millionaire Mastermind WILL increase your millionaire mindset and

millionaire skill set resulting in bigger income, bigger goals, and a bigger impact!



Hear from BlackNSA members who participated in the 2014 thru 2021

BlackNSA Million Dollar Mastermind 



Robyn Hatcher

Tony Chatman

Ann McNeal

Theresa Cloud Eagle

Havilah Malone

Robert Kennedy

Gerald Leonard

BNSA Million Dollar Mastermind Explained

“The Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between
two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.” - Napoleon Hill

The principles of a Mastermind Alliance was created by an American born author, journalist, and lecturer named Napoleon Hill. In his famed book titled “Think and Grow Rich“, Napoleon Hill provides an evidence-based blueprint to generate wealth. This book is the primary resource used in the BNSA Mastermind groups. 

Jim Rohn is quoted as saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Who you spend your time with influences the person that you will eventually become.

SUPERSTAR EDITION: This round is based on the fact we have so many successful graduates of the million-dollar mastermind and they have created successful 6 and 7 figure business, and/or they are existing in their ideal speaker business. They are living their ideal speaking business. We have asked them to return and participate in the mastermind and share their success stories. In part, this is a reunion of sorts but ultimately truly the Superstar Mastermind Edition. 


As speakers, we are isolated, yet day in and day out we’re making decisions and serving clients and ultimately growing our business.


In 2014 we decided we needed a way to support each other as professional speakers.

Marquesa, a leader for BNSA since 2009 responded to another long time member, Ann McNeill, who suggested BNSA should consider the Think and Grow Rich (TAGR) book by Napoleon Hill. After reviewing the book, the BNSA team felt this would be a wonderful resource for us as professional speakers to study together as we share our goals, align our dreams, and hold each other accountable.

After 10+ Masterminds, 1,000+ Mastermind members, and Multiple 6 figure+ income-generating businesses from attendees that attended multiple masterminds, THIS WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!


What the BNSA Million Dollar Mastermind has become, is a safe place for us as professional speakers of all nationalities to share our goals, biggest dreams, struggles, successes, and move the needle with every single week we meet.

In terms of logistics, we meet as a group to identify the TAGR principles that we are focused on for the week. Then we break off into small accountability groups to discuss how the principles affect our TAGR goals as well as our business.

While we are in the accountability groups the TAGR expert as well as the accountability coach will check in with the accountability groups to see how we are doing.

It's important to note that we are NOT just another place for people to talk and not take action. Our Mastermind operates in real-time and requires real action and real accountability.


Please note that whether you are a brand new speaker, trying to identify where you are in the professional speaking profession or an intermediate level speaker that is trying to clarify who you serve or an experienced speaker that's trying to get to 7 figures, what connects us is the TAGR principles which put us all on an equal playing field.

For any individual that's considering joining our Mastermind, before you make that decision, decide first what big change in terms of numbers do I want to make in my speaking business. Your results must be trackable (Ex. Serving one client now and I want to serve 5, making 20k/month and I want to make 100K) For it to be beneficial, it needs to be a trackable number. 


Also, it's important for you to be available every week to attend the Mastermind from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM.

Finally, you must set aside reading time each week so that you can dive into the TAGR principles and apply them to your business every single week.

As an All-Star member* not only will you benefit from the lowest price, you'll also get access to 2021 BNSA Master Classes!


What is an All-Star Member?


An All-Star Member has committed to the Fall 2021, Spring 2022 Mastermind series in advance which says they are committed to this process. All-Stars receive the best price and are also invited to special masterclasses by BlackNSA!

Plus... we'll have special sessions for the National Speakers Association Influence 2021 participants!

The lowest price for a year includes two mastermind sessions & special masterclasses and the BONUS NSA Influence 2021 Post-conference mastermind in-person mastermind (excluding lunch)]

  • BNSA SpeakerRich Series - Important Topics for a profitable speaking business - Five Experts break it down (included in your membership)

  • An exclusive Facebook group for mastermind members

  • BNSA Million Dollar Fall '21 Mastermind  9/13 thru 11/15

  • BNSA Million Dollar Spring '21 Mastermind  3/7 thru 5/9

  • BNSA End of Year Wrap up Masterclass - The Speaking Biz - date to be determined


Here is how it works:

  • If selected, you will be placed in a small group of like minded and like spirited speakers
  • There will be one facilitator, per group, who is also part of the mastermind group.
  • The Mastermind curriculum is based on the famous, best selling book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill. Each participant is expected to purchase a copy of the book before the beginning of the Mastermind. 
  • We will meet for 10 consecutive Mondays via the ZOOM platform for 90 minutes. 
  • This mastermind will have a bonus call to share lessons, shifts and aha's from Influence '21
  • There will be assigments which lead to BIG results and not overwhelm.
  • This is an awesome opportunity to leverage the NSA community.

Your "assignments" will change your life

and generate "real-time" results

 Professional guidance as you Think & Grow Rich


Choosing a Big, Hairy, Bodacious GOAL with feedback from fellow professional speaker 


Getting the support and inspiration to make it happen


Weekly homework leading to supported implementation; this is real-time and only for folks ready to do the work required for success!


  • BNSA SpeakerRich Series - Important Topics for a profitable speaking business - Five Experts break it down (included in your membership)
  • An exclusive Facebook group for mastermind members
  • Summer BNSA in-person gathering 7/10 & 7/13 (Influence BNSA after opening session gathering Tuesday, 10-1pmE post-conference mastermind in Las Vegas (at the conference hotel, exact location to be determined)
  • BNSA Million Dollar Fall Mastermind  9/13 thru 11/15
  • BNSA End of Year Wrap up Masterclass - The Speaking Biz - date to be determined



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can't make a meeting? It will be recorded. As a member, you're expected to review the recording prior to the next meeting and provide your homework. 

How are the groups selected? Within the first 7-14 days of the group meeting, we'll break out into groups, remember, a large part of success with the Think & Grow Rich curriculum is connecting with others you DO not know with experience different from yours! Our mastermind members have created lucrative partnerships and lifeling friendships!

I'm already successful, ambitious and focused. Why do I need this mastermind? Every successful individual needs to surround themselves with other like-minded successful individuals to continue to grow and thrive. This is an opportunity to do just that. 

I participated in a previous mastermind, will I be with my same group? Every mastermind season will provide each participant a chance to focus on one goal, we plan to ask for the goals and divide the groups accordingly. We cannot guarantee a specific group, facilitator or member. 

Why is BlackNSA charging? All monies collected will be used to put on a powerful BlackNSA events which serve our community members. We've chosen to ask for a low fee (way below market value) to better accommodate all of our members. In addition, we only want "serious members" to participate, we understand unpredictable speaking schedules, yet expect full participation.  

What's the refund policy? This is a fundraiser, so there are no refunds. 

I'm pretty busy and working a big project, I'm not sure I have time. The BNSA MD Mastermind is "real time focused" which means it's based on what you are working on. So that speaker website, keynote, program, branding makeover, etc. would be shared with the group and you would check in every week with progress (which includes money, accomplishments, tasks, etc. ) It is intense. This is not a course or a coaching program but a real-time mastermind, basically you are saying, I'm working on this goal and I'm bold enough to put myself on blast while getting support from others that do what I do.



Hear What BNSA MM Members Have to Say

"I enjoyed seeing myself stretch! I'm happy I took on the role and very pleased at the outcomes I have set up for myself and my business and the folks I've met and gotten to know better!"

"It's tough to stick with this for 10 weeks, yet a good experience forcing discipline. Thank you for creating this platform!"

"That it has taken me out of my comfort zone. That it has introduced me some great people of like minds and goals." 

"I loved every part of this mastermind experience, one of the Bonuses alone was worth the investment"

"This was a HUGE gamechanger for me, I now do business differently ith better results."  

"It's so important to know the goals of others that do the same work as you, it gives me even more energy"

"I'm naturally driven, but I experienced even more energy and drive knowing I had to report into mastermind every week for 10 weeks"

"I've softly participated in BlackNSA events for years, this mastermind helped me connect at he highest level, so grateful"

"The concept is great. Opening and closing the mastermind with the larger group and spending 40 minutes with a smaller group is simply brilliant"

"The synergy, positive energy and the amount of support that you get from this group."

"The honesty and clarity on setting FINANCIAL goals for my business."

"I have enjoyed all the interactions, sharing of knowledge, being able to be real and discuss specific issues related to my business and get input from the group. Listening and participating in supporting others, I have learned too."

"I plan to participate in every single BNSA mastermind, it's made a big difference in my business." 

"Why wouldn't you want to meet with other folks that do what you do! Thanks BlackNSA for creating this for the community."




Upcoming 2021 Dates:

  • BNSA Million Dollar Fall Mastermind 2021 9/13 thru 11/15
  • BNSA Million Dollar Spring Mastermind 2022 3/7 thru 5/9

Join us and stay connected!  



"Through a mastermind alliance you can appropriate and use the full strength of the experience, training, and knowledge of others just as if they were your own." 

 ----Napolean Hill   


Why Think and Grow Rich? 

In order to become the person you know you can be, living the life of your dreams, you will have to work harder than you knew you were able, sacrifice your (limiting) beliefs, and risk everyone around you thinking you've gone completely insane. 

Then you are truly living every day in your purpose. Everything you've ever wanted to accomplish or achieve is outside your comfort zone, which means it's ok to fail, screw up, have bad days, or even want to quit. Just give yourself permission to fail through the process as much as you succeed. The BlackNSA Million Dollar Mastermind Experience will help you move yourself to the dream level as long as you give it 100%! 

Our mastermind is NOT for you if you’re …

* Defensive about candid feedback

* Know everything 

* This stop is simply another bright shiny object

* Not willing to do the “inner work” and “outer work” necessary to move ahead

* Negative, dramatic + blaming outside circumstances for your results

* Not willing to make critical decisions

* Not open to collaborating (sharing + receiving + supporting) within a group dynamic

* Unclear about what you want in your business or life + uncommitted to figuring it out

* If you hate to read, weekly assignments require reading

The faint of heart need not apply. We go deep. We keep it real. We surrender. We get quiet. We make a lot of noise. We serve our hearts out. And we RISE.


It may not be WHAT you think, may be

HOW you think and implement


The BlackNSA Million Dollar Mastermind will:

  • Help you think, live, a millionaire  
  • Expose you to century old, wealth generating practices 
  • Unlock the secrets of the "Desire Principle" - what you really want! 
  • Develop your faith through “auto suggestion” - really, you think it, say it, do it...
  • Teach you how to create and utilize effective daily habits, only if you're ready, now
  • Uncover the 16 traps that pull you into the “Quitting Cycles” - oh boy
  • Focus you on the best use of your Time, Talents, Tithe and Treasures

 If this is what you want, then joining the BlackNSA Million Dollar Mastermind is a "No-Brainer"- Click Below & Invest in Your Future. 


Choose Your Option


Fall 2021 Mastermind Only


All-Stars Fall '20-Spring '22

Members say it's worth thousands!

Maybe this will convince you to join us!


Still thinking about it? Thinking and doing are two different things...

  • Fellow professional speaker mastermind support for 90 days 
  • Leverage your BlackNSA and NSA connection 
  • Choose one "speaker based" goal and break it down over 90 days with Think and Grow Rich as your foundation*
  • Exclusive private Facebook Group for mastermind members only 
  • Most of all - You'll uplevel your "Money Power" 
  • Special Expert Calls by the successful professional speakers

And more... All from different BlackNSA community members!