A Community Group of the National Speakers Association. 


We exist to ensure professional speakers of African American heritage have a voice in the industry and feel supported. We are open to all races. 

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only for those serious about changing the world


Creating critical connections and increasing the opportunity for our members to be exposed to decision-makers, reputable vendors, as well as capitalizing on the power of speakers referrals is reflected in this principle.


Collaboration Principle: We facilitate specialized support groups which focus on helping community members accomplish strategic business goals. Includes: Think & Grow Rich Mastermind (3 times per year); Professional member attainment, Book Launch, CSP attainment, and more.


Power of Community: Our community will be promoting a Give/ Receive mindset, which translates as members providing one mastery skill which can help one's speaking business. In the spirit of reciprocity, members will also receive access to master skills shared by another colleague. Our community mindset is reflective in our Monday Mastery, Member Spotlights, and Virtual Summits. Additional forums which reflect our commitment to the community include our private Facebook group and In-Person events.

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"I've been a member since it started and my speaking business has evolved significantly. I can say without a doubt, I would not be as far along in my speaking career without BlackNSA. "

Sylvia Henderson
Professional Speaker

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Upcoming 2020 Dates:

Spring 2020 BlackNSA Million Dollar Mastermind February 24th - April 27th [Every Monday, 530-7pmE] Summer 2020 BlackNSA Million Dollar Mastermind June 1st - June 6rg [Every Monday, 530-7pmE] August 1-4th, 2020 - Washington, DC Influence 2020 August 5th - BlackNSA Influence Mastermind (in-erson) Fall 2020 BlackNSA Million Dollar Mastermind September 14th - November 16th [Every Monday, 530-7pmE] Join us and stay connected!


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